Entering the Caring Hands massage suite is like entering a place to nurture and take care of yourself - leaving the worries and cares behind. In this setting, Alisa's massages sink to the core, providing healing of body and spirit.

— G. Sorensen, Watertown

Thanks to your "caring hands" and healthful tips, I became whole again!

— Ann, Haverhill

Alisa, thank you for everything. You've helped us feel so relaxed...Our bodies feel great and we feel great...thanks to you ... cant wait to meet with you again.

— Xvk and Fred, Haverhill

I went to see Sandy because of nagging lower back pain that would not go away even after my chiropractic adjustment and half a bottle of Advil. After her treatment using a combination of gentle massage and reiki, I went home and slept for several hours. The pain began to diminish that day and I am now pain free and no longer taking pain relievers. Sandy’s gentle touch and warm hands brought about a feeling of deep relaxation and security. I have recommended her to all of my friends.

- Pam Mailloux., Reiki Master/Teacher

I was a woman who lived with extensive stress and had an ache and pain in just about every corner of my body - it seemed to me that all I could do was live with my condition. Then I met Alisa! Her "Caring Hands" brought me through the pain and agony. With her help I was able to literally jump off the table and walk straightly out of her office with a grin of contentment on my face. I received not only a professional massage, but was able to indulge in an aromatic journey to nirvana. Today when I hear people say things like "I am so stressed out" or "I wish I could get rid of this ache & pain" I hand them Alisa's card.

— Linda Morris

The first visit to Alisa was most pleasurable.....she is warm, caring and most eager to make your experience a great one...........she loves what she does....unlike those who just "give massage" and get paid. By far she has given me the most wonderful and enjoyable massage I have ever had.........and I look forward to every one!!

— BJ Quimby

In your caring hands, I feel cared for, not only physically, but mentally. The stress, strains and worries just melt away and I feel more at ease and focused to continue on with my usual activities.

— Carol

Alisa, I am feeling so much better after going to you. As you know I have polymyalgia and your wonderful massages help relieve the pain throughout my body and relax my mind.

— Chris, Haverhill

It feels so great to feel good. After you've been through sessions of physical therapy and need someone to knead those areas causing you grief, it's good to know Alisa. She is the one who listens to you and with warm hands soothes those complex muscles into a relaxed feeling. Feeling great is what LIFE is all about. Make an appt and feel the difference.

— Teresa G., Haverhill

Having gone to other massage therapists in the past I must say that Alisa is the only one that I have returned to on a regular basis. She has a natural intuition about the body that I greatly value. As a result of being her client I have been able to laugh about the tensions that I carry and in short time have released them into her 'caring hands'.

— Elizabeth Kanan

Nothing fancy just pure mental and physical relaxation from head to toe. Caring Hands, the name speaks for itself.

— Neil, Derry NH